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Mysteriously FLASH & ILLUMINATE...

21st Century Breakthrough`...Facet Designed his 3D X RAINBOW CAMO-FLASH Signature Hand Cut, to be COLOR CHANGING with a Special LIGHT-REFLECTING & REFRACTING Fabric that seems to mysteriously ILLUMINATE Dark COLORS to change IRIDESCENT REFLECTIVE RAINBOW CAMOUFLAGE WHEN Photographed with a FLASH.

Facet searched The World to bring You a 4-Way Stretch Jersey fabric amazing enough to ILLUMINATE in various photographic & light sources. 


Facet brings You the Cutting Edge Fabric formulations designed with glass bead technology & integrates this new effect into his 3 Dimensional RAINBOW CAMO-FLASH Designs.  Tiny glass beads Reflect & Refract light, yet the fabric is as Soft and Supple as Silk, and durable enough to wash...

How Does Facet 3D RAINBOW CAMO-FLASH COLOR CHANGING WORK? ...Incoming light beams bend as they pass through the front surface of each glass bead and reflect off a mirrored surface behind the bead. The beam then passes back through the front surface and returns toward the light source.

The Multi-Faceted 3D X RAINBOW CAMO-FLASH COLOR CHANGING TOP is 2 Garments that can be worn either separately, or together in a Multi-Facet of Styles, and adjusts to fit virtually any breast size. 

Multi-Faceted 3D X RAINBOW CAMO-FLASH COLOR CHANGING Body Top is Trimmed in Facet BLACK Stretch LACE Embellished with RAINBOW IRIDESCENT SEQUINS, and Adjustable CRIMSON IRIDESCENT Stretch Trim Shoulder Straps. 

Facet 3D X RAINBOW CAMO-FLASH COLOR CHANGING Body Bottoms are trimmed in Facet BLACK Stretch Velvet WAISTBAND & Silver Tone BLACK VELVET WAIST CLIPS, Designed to fit virtually all sizes. 

It's NOT Lingerie, It's FACET!